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      IT'S PARTY TIME!!!     






From simple to extravagant: 

we've got hands-on games, 

        crafts, snack ideas and invitations     



Let's get your Superhero party started!    

It's going to be a BLAST!!! 





















Lory focused on raising money so people could have clean water! Maybe you would be excited to throw a party to help kids have food to eat? Or save animals? The rainforest? Or maybe you'd like to help kids get school supplies and an education? There are so many ways to help and YOU can make a difference with ONE party!




Parties aren't only for birthdays,

any day is a good day to throw a party for helping others!



  PARTY PLANNING IDEAS,-super-hero-birthday-party/#.VYyQyVfF8pw



















Have you ever considered throwing a party to help others? Lory did and he loved it!

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